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Shell Lubricants Products

Shell Lubricants Products
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Automotive/Trucking Products


2-Cycle/Outboard Oils , Commercial Engine Oils , Commercial Transmission Fluids , Gear Oils , Greases , Passenger Car and Light Truck Motor Oils , Power Steering and Brake Fluids , Transmission and Torque Converter Fluids , Calibration Fluid For Diesel Pump
Aviation Products Aeroshell Oil , Flight Jacket® Products
Food Industry Products Bearing and Gear Oils , Chain Oils , Compressor Oils , Hydraulic Oils , Penetrating Lubricant , Silicon Oil Anti Stick Spray , Heat Transfer Oil
Greases Couplings , Electric Motors and High Speed Bearings , Food Grade , General Purpos grease , High Load/EP , High Temperature , Mill Greases
Industrial Products Chain and Drive Oils , Circulating General Purpose Oils , Heat Transfer Fluids , Industrial Cleaners , Mist Lubricants , Naphthenic Mineral Oils , Natural Gas Engine Oils , Paraffinic Mineral Oils , Refrigeration Oils , Rock Drill Oils , Saw Guide Oils , Textile Oils , Transformer Oils , Turbine Oils , Wire Rope Lubricants , Compressor Oils , Hydraulic Oils
Marine Products Cylinder Oils , Tank Coatings (Non-Potable Water)
Metalworking Products Cutting Oils , Forming Oils , Forming Paste , Maintenance Cleaners , Metalworking Coolants , Micro-Emulsions , Neat Oils , Quenching Oils , Rust Inhibitors , Soluble Oils , Synthetic Coolants , Way Lubricants
Railroad Products Diesel Engine Oils , Journal Oils
Synthetic or Semi-Synthetic Products Aviation Turbine Oils , Circulating Oils , Engine Oils , Gear Lubricants , Metalworking

Shell Lubricants Distributor in Malaysia - We sell & ship Shell lubricants products within Malaysia only. Please contact us for more details. Oversea customers might visit or get contact details for Shell's offices under country listing here. If you need any help, you can email us at, we will try our best to serve you.